This is me!

 (This is me in sunny Minnesota.   Dominican Republic, but a girl can pretend!)

Hi! I am Trixiegirl, aka Katie. I am the face behind Trixiegirl hand-made accessories!
(One time someone called and asked to talk to Trixiegirl. They heard this: "cricket noise, cricket-noise") Lol!

I am based in the Twin Cities of MN and LOVE it here. I am originally from MI, spent time in IL and ended up here. I have a great family that you will read about that keeps me on my toes. One 5 year-old can do that.
I live by being very serious and concentrate on important tasks 3% of the time. The other 97% of the time I need to be a sarcastic mommy and friend to my awesome support group away from my fam in MI.

My blog is about Trixiegirl, trying to make each day special to me and enjoying life.
I am loving instagram, Pinterest, coffee, severely long naps on the weekend, FaceTime and blog reading. They all help inspire me to blog. I hope to join successful bloggers that can make a living in a creative way.

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Thanks for reading! Tell me about YOU, become a follower of my blog and enjoy your time here!

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