Sunday, February 8, 2015


Change is good.  It can be awesome and motivating and creative.  It can be like giving in to the idea that maybe what's good for others isn't right for you.  And that can be so freeing.

Trixiegirl has become something that has becoming a little forced.  I've been following someone else's idea of how to build a following.  How to sell a product.  But without a heart attached to it.  It has just become a to-do.  A plan that some people follow, but I am not feeling what is authentic to me.  I'm not talking about re-inventing the wheel, but I need to take some time to figure out the direction that I want to go.  I've been doing somewhat the same thing for a while now.  And I'm needing a new direction.

My blog, products, customers, are something that make me smile.  And I hope a little more of an  authentic me will make them smile a little more.  So there won't be a pattern.  There won't be a rhyme or reason.  And that's me.

Hope you can handle an authentic change and a little more of me.

xo Katie

Friday, February 6, 2015

A week in pictures

Tgif my friends.  I think it's time to up the voltage in the lights around the house.  These past couple weeks have been a little long.  And this winter hasn't even been very bad!  On to the show.
Most Saturdays start like this.  Ella yells pankcakes!  Um, excuse me?  You are not Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers.  I make about 100 pancakes because that's her daily favorite for breakfast.  It's easier to whip up the p-cakes while I drink coffee and she watches tunes.  What a life.

I took this while she was watching tv.  I love those freckles, lips, cheeks, and little body filled with so much love and compassion.

From little hands drawing a picture of a dress to an actual monchichi dress.  


It's jump-ropin season. She came in and out of the house with a different number of jumps each time.  Remember when your mom used to say "In or Out!"  I might have pulled that one.


It's also just put your food outside to set, season.   Takes up a lot less room that I don't have.


To make sure people don't see your puffy, cold-coming-on eyes, grab the sunglasses and red lipstick.  Then people will just wonder why you have red lipstick on at Costco.  

Little reader.


I ended up doing crafts alone.  Apparently Scooby was more important.  
I'll do a post coming up with some simple Valentine crafts for ya!


I've been fighting a cold this week.  Boom.  It can't touch me with Lemon and Thieves.  


What are your plans for the weekend?  

Have a good day!
:) Katie

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ideas for stress relief

I know that everyone deals with stress and has stress in their life. Sometimes small and sometimes very overwhelming. And for me, in the grand scheme of things, my problems are small compared to others. And with that said, who should compare problems? No one.

But to help with the little stresses of life, I thought I would share some of my helpful calming tips. Which is also funny if you know me. I am a lot calmer than I used to be. But still. Lol

1. Diffuse oils.
I use Young Living Peace and Calming. I also apply it to my wrists. It's my go-to oil for calming the heck down.

2. Work out.
I'm not perfect with this, but it completely helps. I've started watching videos of Bruno, JT, Beyoncé and JLo on Youtube. They get me thru. And I feel like if I try to get off the eliptical early, Jlo's abs are giving me a dirty look.

3. Sleep. 
Sometimes like a little baby, you just need some sleep. With a cute, soft night mask. And lavender diffusing. And a blankey from your mom.   And if you do that and feel like it didn't help, just think that you now have 2 less hours in your crappy day!

4. Wine.

5. Shopping. 
Usually I just get out and go thrift shopping. That's my favorite thing in the world to do. Shocking right? I have been known to go buy make-up from time-to-time. Or clothes.  I like to stay well-rounded.

6. Baths.
Some like, some don't.  I 100% love.

7. A good friend "complain" fest. My close girls are so kind when I go off and just get it out. It's always over the phone/text. I love my close friends. They are THE best.  I should write a post about my close friends but they would kill me.  And that makes me want to gush more.

8. Chocolate. Obviously.

What helps you when you are feeling stressed?

P.S. Have you bought your Valentine gifts yet?  You have about a week to get your orders in!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beautiful Burlap featuring Trixiegirl

Happy Wednesday :)  Hope the sun is shining and you aren't caught in the East Coast snow storm of the century.

Last year, I was contacted by Amanda Kingloff to be a part of a burlap diy project Beautiful Burlap  Amanda (to have her resume would be a dream), contacted me but the first email went to my spam, so I never got it!  But she sent it again and a girl doesn't need to be asked twice.  I'm in!

Off went these burlap goodies to be a part of the project. 
Earrings and hair clips in 6 colors.

Beautiful Burlap is now available to purchase!  I get mine Friday and I'll share it with you all.
Here is the cover.  
Lower left corner are the Trixiegirl burlap bobby pins.

I'm bringing all of these burlap products back to celebrate!  Find them in the Trixiegirl shop now. I'm bringing back the earrings, adjustable rings, and bobby pins.  Some perfect little goodies to celebrate Valentines Day!

To celebrate my blog readers, put burlapbogo in the comments section when you check out on etsy and I will send you an additional burlap goody with your order.

Have a great day!
:) Katie

Monday, January 26, 2015

A little Valentine help

Just a little post today with some Valentine ideas for pretty accessories and presents.  Whether it is something to wear for Valentines Day or a present for someone important, here are some ideas!

With 32 headband color choices, I can help you find the perfect headband or hair clips.  All of my headbands are under $10!
Buy here

 These hats come in grey, black and now navy.  They are distressed and adjustable!
They are my year-round top product.  
Buy here

Here are just some pretty color combos.  
Valentines day is all about pinks and reds, but really you could throw in a purple and leopard!

My winter best-seller are these cowls.  
They come in a bunch of colors, are super soft and just slip right on.
Buy here  

If you need to order anything for Valentine's Day, make sure you order soon!

Friday, January 23, 2015

This week in pictures

Let's start out with the fact that I saw the sun yesterday.   I was like a cat when I was driving.  Just trying to get a little vitamin D.  Enough to get rid of a little MN winter attitude.  

Hope your week was good.  Happy Friday!

Thrifting trip. I went for house stuff  Weird.
And a little jacket for Ell. 

So apparently I'm forcing my "style" on her.  
Now for the hubs...;)
Can we talk about the size of this bag of spinach?  I mean.  
Good thing it cooks down because it's not my fav.

This was left over after a bath bomb bath.  It's little hearts!
I probably don't want to clean that tub now. ;)


I've been working on just some simple pictures to help with little Valentine gifts.
All of my headband are under $10 now!  So go take a look here :)


How else do you get a picture of your child without turning the light on.  
Edit the brightness over and over. lol
Are all little girl's beds this packed with other things?

Oh look another puzzle!  This time someone just wants to start by not doing the edge first. It is really challenging that way.  Challenging my patience!  lol


 We meet again.

Good song and um, that's the sun I was talking about.


What are your plans this weekend?  I hope you see the sun.

:) Katie

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You too can wear a hat!

I hear this from time to time.  I can't wear a hat because, I don't look good in hats because.  I have heard THE best comment to date. Something about her ears. She's adorable and one of my best customers.  And her ears are cute and totally normal.

My reason that I don't wear a ton of hats is because I like pretty neutral things.  Black, grey, navy.  I find myself just my wearing my hats without anything on them!  GASP.  That's a great billboard for your business.

I grabbed a navy hat the other day.  (listed by the time you read this!)
So friends I'm here to share with the class that you too, can wear a hat AND it can be neutral!!!

Navy on Navy

Black on Black

Grey on Grey

The hats in my shop are all distressed and adjustable with a velcro closing.  I love when people buy them and I get to mail them to their friend as a gift.  I love being the sender of a fun present.  

 Which is your favorite?  I'm thinking the navy is making me feel like I'm branching out a little...;)

Have a good day!
:) Katie

Monday, January 19, 2015

Favorite winter skin lotions

I'm sure that these can be used outside of the North Pole, but these are some tight skin wonders. When I wake up in the morning, my face and hands are tight.  Like they are saying, water me! The air is so dry up here.  So, I have found a couple things that I am in love with and would probably freak out if I ran out.  This is on top of my normal skin care.

 So, these body butters are the cream of the coffee.  Or crop.  Whatever.  
This tub of wonder sinks into the skin and keep my skin so hydrated.  They come in a billion scents.  My favorites are honey, almond, shea and argan oil.
They are pricy unless you stock up at TJ Maxx because they are 5.99 instead of $20.00

Buy at TJ Maxx or here

This Aveda face cream was given as a gift to me.  
It is used on days I need a lot of extra moisture on my face.  
You need very little. Its so thick, but is magical and keeps my skin in check.

 Buy here

So during the day, if you have your make-up on or not, and you feel like you need a little hydration, spray this on.  It's a hydrating mist you can use any time.  
It smells like roses.  
I rest my case.  
And it's $7 at Ulta.

 Buy here

I will never use a different hand creme.  I have used this for years.  It is not greasy or runny.  It absorbs really well and lasts a long time.  Give it a try.  
I have a tube that I have had in my purse for over a year.  

 Buy here

I own about 8 Dr. Hess Udder Sticks.  I grab one or three each time I go to the store with a W that is the opposite of Target.  I only go there for these.  Allegedly.  

Buy here or at W

 What are your favorite winter weather skin savers?

Have a great day
:) Katie

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pinteresting things-{Sunday}

Well good morning friends.  How has your weekend been?  It's been pretty warm here in MN.  Well compared to negative temps anything is warm.  There are days you just can't get warm here.  Cold to the bone!

How about some Pinterest to-do list items for the week?  Or not when you see the things I've been pinning. 

I think I pinned this 3 times before I realized I was pinning the same perfect little place.  I'm obsessed with little cabins.  And tiny homes.  And small living.  So, I finally made a board for it.  Weird?

Quite the opposite, probably more of a summer salad that I will eat in the winter because that's what we do in MN, is this salad.  I like blogging because I can do run-on sentences and it's ok.

Doesn't it look so good?  And summery?  Ah, summer.  You never miss it as much as when winter is 14 months long.

You probably won't find this type of tray at Goodwill, but it's out there and I'll find it.  So cute for hanging things.

I already know what kind of pics I would hang on it.  Black and white, old pics from when it was perfectly fine to use a camera!  Now I really want this tray.

You could hang it on the wall or lean it against the wall.  I'll let you know what I do when I find it. ;)

It's possible that these got pinned.  And by that I mean purchased.  Dang Pinterest.  But that's kinda like setting a goal and meeting it!  Yeah me!

And they will match these earrings!  These are my top-selling leopard button earrings and deep orange button earrings.  They come together!!!  They go with so many neutrals.  I wear a lot of black and these just make an outfit a little more interesting.  And the orange pair will really make an outfit better.  You can find them here.

All of these items can be found on Pinterest.  Follow me here. :)
Have an awesome day!
:) Katie

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week in pictures

We had a busy week this week, just like most people.  I hope you all have a good Friday and weekend.  On to the show!
Yesterday was a huge sale on headbands.  I did post a bunch of ideas on my fb page.  Sometimes with so many choices, it helps to have ideas.

I know.  It looks gross.  But it is sooo good.  I am missing the spinach and garlic.  But when I make it this weekend I will have them.  Here is the recipe.


I love wrapping orders.  It's almost as fun for me as making them.  So, get ready for a pretty package when you order!

Can we have a moment of silence for all of those prom dress memories?

Yes I did.  I allow one Uptown Funk per day.  It comes at the beginning of the workout.  
Nice set-up eh. ;)


Even if you work-out in the basement, bright clearance Under Armour pants should be worn.  
$10 TJ Maxx.


Me and my girl at The Bean.  
Get the Red Feathered Hen.  Then thank me.


A new mirror and some numbers for the bathroom from a local store that I love. 


Have you had the tea on the right?  It's amazing.  I'm a addict.

From my beautiful friend Joni.  


Have a great weekend!
:) Katie