Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beautiful Burlap featuring Trixiegirl

Happy Wednesday :)  Hope the sun is shining and you aren't caught in the East Coast snow storm of the century.

Last year, I was contacted by Amanda Kingloff to be a part of a burlap diy project Beautiful Burlap  Amanda (to have her resume would be a dream), contacted me but the first email went to my spam, so I never got it!  But she sent it again and a girl doesn't need to be asked twice.  I'm in!

Off went these burlap goodies to be a part of the project. 
Earrings and hair clips in 6 colors.

Beautiful Burlap is now available to purchase!  I get mine Friday and I'll share it with you all.
Here is the cover.  
Lower left corner are the Trixiegirl burlap bobby pins.

I'm bringing all of these burlap products back to celebrate!  Find them in the Trixiegirl shop now. I'm bringing back the earrings, adjustable rings, and bobby pins.  Some perfect little goodies to celebrate Valentines Day!

To celebrate my blog readers, put burlapbogo in the comments section when you check out on etsy and I will send you an additional burlap goody with your order.

Have a great day!
:) Katie


Pammy said...

Yes! This gives me chills!!!! We are so proud to of you!!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful cuz!! Congratulations!