Friday, February 6, 2015

A week in pictures

Tgif my friends.  I think it's time to up the voltage in the lights around the house.  These past couple weeks have been a little long.  And this winter hasn't even been very bad!  On to the show.
Most Saturdays start like this.  Ella yells pankcakes!  Um, excuse me?  You are not Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers.  I make about 100 pancakes because that's her daily favorite for breakfast.  It's easier to whip up the p-cakes while I drink coffee and she watches tunes.  What a life.

I took this while she was watching tv.  I love those freckles, lips, cheeks, and little body filled with so much love and compassion.

From little hands drawing a picture of a dress to an actual monchichi dress.  


It's jump-ropin season. She came in and out of the house with a different number of jumps each time.  Remember when your mom used to say "In or Out!"  I might have pulled that one.


It's also just put your food outside to set, season.   Takes up a lot less room that I don't have.


To make sure people don't see your puffy, cold-coming-on eyes, grab the sunglasses and red lipstick.  Then people will just wonder why you have red lipstick on at Costco.  

Little reader.


I ended up doing crafts alone.  Apparently Scooby was more important.  
I'll do a post coming up with some simple Valentine crafts for ya!


I've been fighting a cold this week.  Boom.  It can't touch me with Lemon and Thieves.  


What are your plans for the weekend?  

Have a good day!
:) Katie

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Pammy said...

Love this pics! Look at the concentration in E's face while reading! I'll have to try your oils when I come to visit!!
Love your week in pics!