Sunday, February 8, 2015


Change is good.  It can be awesome and motivating and creative.  It can be like giving in to the idea that maybe what's good for others isn't right for you.  And that can be so freeing.

Trixiegirl has become something that has becoming a little forced.  I've been following someone else's idea of how to build a following.  How to sell a product.  But without a heart attached to it.  It has just become a to-do.  A plan that some people follow, but I am not feeling what is authentic to me.  I'm not talking about re-inventing the wheel, but I need to take some time to figure out the direction that I want to go.  I've been doing somewhat the same thing for a while now.  And I'm needing a new direction.

My blog, products, customers, are something that make me smile.  And I hope a little more of an  authentic me will make them smile a little more.  So there won't be a pattern.  There won't be a rhyme or reason.  And that's me.

Hope you can handle an authentic change and a little more of me.

xo Katie

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Leah J said...

I love your blog, your creativity and your heart. Keep it comin' xo