Monday, January 19, 2015

Favorite winter skin lotions

I'm sure that these can be used outside of the North Pole, but these are some tight skin wonders. When I wake up in the morning, my face and hands are tight.  Like they are saying, water me! The air is so dry up here.  So, I have found a couple things that I am in love with and would probably freak out if I ran out.  This is on top of my normal skin care.

 So, these body butters are the cream of the coffee.  Or crop.  Whatever.  
This tub of wonder sinks into the skin and keep my skin so hydrated.  They come in a billion scents.  My favorites are honey, almond, shea and argan oil.
They are pricy unless you stock up at TJ Maxx because they are 5.99 instead of $20.00

Buy at TJ Maxx or here

This Aveda face cream was given as a gift to me.  
It is used on days I need a lot of extra moisture on my face.  
You need very little. Its so thick, but is magical and keeps my skin in check.

 Buy here

So during the day, if you have your make-up on or not, and you feel like you need a little hydration, spray this on.  It's a hydrating mist you can use any time.  
It smells like roses.  
I rest my case.  
And it's $7 at Ulta.

 Buy here

I will never use a different hand creme.  I have used this for years.  It is not greasy or runny.  It absorbs really well and lasts a long time.  Give it a try.  
I have a tube that I have had in my purse for over a year.  

 Buy here

I own about 8 Dr. Hess Udder Sticks.  I grab one or three each time I go to the store with a W that is the opposite of Target.  I only go there for these.  Allegedly.  

Buy here or at W

 What are your favorite winter weather skin savers?

Have a great day
:) Katie

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sf said...

I will try a few of those. I feel like the Sahara desert at times. I do like coconut oil but it stains the clothes so you have to be careful.