Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You too can wear a hat!

I hear this from time to time.  I can't wear a hat because, I don't look good in hats because.  I have heard THE best comment to date. Something about her ears. She's adorable and one of my best customers.  And her ears are cute and totally normal.

My reason that I don't wear a ton of hats is because I like pretty neutral things.  Black, grey, navy.  I find myself just my wearing my hats without anything on them!  GASP.  That's a great billboard for your business.

I grabbed a navy hat the other day.  (listed by the time you read this!)
So friends I'm here to share with the class that you too, can wear a hat AND it can be neutral!!!

Navy on Navy

Black on Black

Grey on Grey

The hats in my shop are all distressed and adjustable with a velcro closing.  I love when people buy them and I get to mail them to their friend as a gift.  I love being the sender of a fun present.  

 Which is your favorite?  I'm thinking the navy is making me feel like I'm branching out a little...;)

Have a good day!
:) Katie

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