Friday, January 23, 2015

This week in pictures

Let's start out with the fact that I saw the sun yesterday.   I was like a cat when I was driving.  Just trying to get a little vitamin D.  Enough to get rid of a little MN winter attitude.  

Hope your week was good.  Happy Friday!

Thrifting trip. I went for house stuff  Weird.
And a little jacket for Ell. 

So apparently I'm forcing my "style" on her.  
Now for the hubs...;)
Can we talk about the size of this bag of spinach?  I mean.  
Good thing it cooks down because it's not my fav.

This was left over after a bath bomb bath.  It's little hearts!
I probably don't want to clean that tub now. ;)


I've been working on just some simple pictures to help with little Valentine gifts.
All of my headband are under $10 now!  So go take a look here :)


How else do you get a picture of your child without turning the light on.  
Edit the brightness over and over. lol
Are all little girl's beds this packed with other things?

Oh look another puzzle!  This time someone just wants to start by not doing the edge first. It is really challenging that way.  Challenging my patience!  lol


 We meet again.

Good song and um, that's the sun I was talking about.


What are your plans this weekend?  I hope you see the sun.

:) Katie

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