Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crafting for babies.

I feel like my spare time in the next few weeks will be busy with making crafts for the babies in my life! Corie, who had June, and Dana, who will have a baby girl next month! Here's a pic of something I made tonight. Who gets it? They'll have to wait! It's a taggie blanket. It's a cloth diaper, folded in half with fabric down the middle. It has little ribbon looped to form "tags". Ella still carries her taggie around and plays with it.
Sweet Pea burp cloth


Corie Rectenwald said...

Craft queen!! Teach me some skills. And I want them hand delivered : )

Katie said...

Who says they're for you? ;)

dewilliams02 said...

No, no, no, I think I saw those first so I am going to have to call them. I agree with Corie though, I would like them hand delivered too :).