Sunday, November 16, 2008

June in November!

One of my best friends Corie, and her husband Bob, welcomed June Katherine (don't know the spelling of the middle name yet), to the world today at 1:14ish. I have known since I became pregnant with Ella, that Corie would some day be the most amazing mom. She loved Ella from the day I told her I was pregnant. She genuinely wanted to know about everything that was going on when I was pregnant. I'm so happy for she and Bob. I saw some pictures and June is a little, tiny peanut! She was 6lbs, 6oz and healthy! Congrats!

This weekend was Ella and Katie bonding time. Mark went to the Packers game with his dad and brother, so we were on our own. Yesterday, we went to a church bazaar that I had driven past earlier in the week. It took me more time to get Ella out of the car seat and into the stroller, than I was actually in the church. Later in the day, we went Maple Grove to do some shopping. I took her to Trader Joe's so she could get her balloon. She was in heaven. And she said hi to everyone that we walked passed. I still think it's funny that people are pretty much forced to say hi to her. It's like the way that cats find people that don't like cats. Ella finds people that don't necessarily love kids and makes them say hi to her. Brilliant if I do say so.
Today, we went grocery shopping. I was talking to a lady (because people talk to you here!) who happened to be friends with the principle of the elementary school that Ella will be going to. She said it's a fantastic school. Yeah! I'm in no hurry though.
This afternoon, we went to the pool. I'm not kidding, I think we were there almost 2 hours. They had all of the water features on, so she loved that. She also loves to go down the frog slide. It's a huge frog that you climb up into and slide down his tongue. I think she went down it about 15 times while we were there. It was really fun.

This week Ell has her 18 month check-up at her new dr.'s office. She'll get shots, but she'll be fine. We are going to play with our new neighbor one morning, story time, pool, tot time...anything else I can find to wear her out so she'll take good naps. lol.

This coming Friday, we have some friends coming up to stay for the weekend. Very excited. They're super great people and we're excited to see them.

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