Monday, November 24, 2008

What a fun weekend we had at our house! We had Bobby, Susan and Eli come for the weekend. They are so much fun. I always wish that they lived closer to us, even though they never have and we only see each other about once a year. Mark and Bobby used to work at Target together, but now Bobby works for Kohl's and is loving it!
Friday, they got here pretty late. That didn't stop Mark and Bobby from staying up very late. The rest of us hit the sack!
Saturday, we went to none other than, Mall of America! lol. I fell like I've been there a lot lately, but haven't seen much of it. Oh well, I always have fun shopping. We stayed there a while and shopped. Then we went home and Ella took a nap. Just like a little baby. Oh wait, so did Susan and I. For 2 hours! It was fantastic! In fact, I have been doing that a lot more lately because Ella is wearin' me out! When we came downstairs from our naps, the guys, including Eli, were all in the same spot as when we went upstairs. They were playing tetris. It's addicting.
We went to get some mexican for dinner. It was ok. Ella ate something that must have been too spicy, so we had a rough moment during dinner. (Comes with the territory I think). We went back and played some games and made some drinks. It was so much fun. We miss you guys!
I've included a couple pics for your viewing pleasure.
Susan and I
Eli's buddy, Ella
Here is a picture of Ella with her new friends Emily and Lily!

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sbcrandall said...

Hello, just checked out your blog. Cute pics :)