Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camera on the fritz.

It's true. The camera is being fixed, so for now, you can use your imagination.

Today was a hard day for Ella. I'll spare you most of the details.
Ok, I think I will spare you the whole store, except for the fact that Ella's afternoon was filled with throw-up, baths, whimpering, and confusion. I took Ella to the Dr. and she has an ear infection and a little bit of the flu. Not sure how you just get a little bit of the flu, but I saw the proof and deserve a vacation for that. I kid, I kid.
Ella's on medicine for 10 days now. She went down when we got back from the Dr. and I woke her up for something to drink and a couple crackers. Then we put her back to bed. Poor thing.
Tomorrow, I'm going to a brunch with about 15 of my neighbors. Should be fun!

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Corie Rectenwald said...

Poor babe!! Little kid throw-up is the worst! Give her hugs from Aunt Corie and Baby June.