Friday, June 11, 2010

Mosquito Bate and Bday Cake

Well, as the title says, we were joined on Ella's first camping trip by every mosquito and their friends and family.  It was quite cozy.  

Ell swinging her new lantern

Ella's new pet we almost drove over.  Lucy is what she was called.

We all climbed this fire tower.  Thought I might never see anyone again.

My smile reads:  Get me the heck out of here.

View from up top

My trooper sat this way for 4 miles down the river in a canoe.  We called it a day when we got back to camp. Came home, ordered pizza and I was asleep by 6:45 thanks to the man next to us the night before.  

Ella, Me and my dear friend/neighbor Kathy.  She took me to lunch for my birthday. If she ever moves, I'm going with her.  She doesn't know that .

Ell and me.  My love.

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