Monday, July 19, 2010

First, off-topic, I just found 3 scruffins (scone/muffin) in the freezer.  They are from our farmers market and they run out fast.  I can never get them! I forgot I had frozen 3 and feel like the world is now my oyster because of this find.  Two happy girls here!

Happy 66th anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!  You're the greatest grandparents a girl could have!  Well, and boy because Mark has claimed you, also!

Super-busy week here.  I'm getting ready for a show on Sunday, dance class, swimming lessons, Bunco here, and life in-between!

This picture says it all.  Look at the adoration by the shorty.  This is Ella and her 9 yr-old (and my favorite) bff Natalie.  She just loves Ell and Ell just LOVES her.

Here is Mark and me at our first Twins game!

Here is the patio as of yesterday!  Gorgeous Mark!


2 kids...3 martinis said...

Life is good, huh?
Remember just HOW good come, oh, say January 15th....

Katie said...

Remind me then how I was kinda looking forward to wearing sweaters.
Let's start building the tunnel now.