Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 favorite things. And go!!!

As I was sitting on the couch watching...cough cough...something on Bravo, thinking this is my favorite spot to sit.  Like FAVORITE.  So, let's hear a favorite 5 things from you.  Can't include the obvious-family, friends, health, home.  Has to be materialistic.  Like coffee or a good magazine or your pants buttoning finally....;0

Here we go.  Mine (today at least)
1. Almond Joy creamer.  Where have you been? Can you just assume that coffee goes with this one?

2. New fabric. And that I know what aisle to find the good stuff now at the warehouse.

3. TV date night.  Thursday. NBC.  Brilliance.

4. Finding out there are people on Youtube that will figure out the "dupe" for expensive make-up.  Take that MAC.
5. Magazine day in the mail.  Which was today and is perfect for when Mark is watching 30 Rock.  He thinks it's the funniest show on the planet.  His planet.  No, these are not mine.  But some I do recieve.



Pammy said...

Oh my gosh- I just love your blog!!! You are the funniest!! :)))))

Katie said...

Thanks "Pam"!

Joni said...

The creamer is amazing! It got me out of bed today!