Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crunch time. For my stomach and my open house

It's the week before my Open House!  I've been cranking out items like a play-doh machine.  I get just as excited to display the pretties as I do making them.  I'm thinking wood, frames, fabric, candles and wine.  Wine always makes things prettier----right?  ;)  Even if it's Sunday at 2pm. 

It's been such a mild winter here (knock on wood) that it has me thinking of spring!  Or maybe vacation in 20 days.  But who's counting?  Not me.  I don't have a vacation count-down app.  That's crazy. Sorry monkey, I'm leaving sooner.  Nah-nah.

I'm going to give you some hints of the prettieness that comes at the Open House...maybe I should actually make these things first.....

What are you excited about in the near future?

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