Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Laugh if you will but just pick that chin up and make it a good day.
Hello awesome Bday surprise party for Mark! What a great night filled with awesome friends and memories

Hello making any trip to Target fun

Hello to finding out soon about what Kindergarten schedule we will have.

Hello day off. Family trip to the zoo this week.

Hello allergy season. Odd to be thankful to get shots? Yes I am thankful.

Hello gymnastics and soccer. I should write a guide on how to exhaust a child. And Ella's soccer team is filled with her friends. Which means I get to hang with my friends twice a week. Kid friends, mom friends. Love.

I'm linking up with Lisa again this week....try to not buy a piece of her jewelry...I dare you.

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Pammy said...

Jewelry?!!!!! Love your blog! You are such a blessing to SO many!! Love you