Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh happy day!

Can you feel the excitement?
This baby

Is now this baby

Holy joy. This sassy lover-pants brings so much to my soul I could explode. How does that happen?
She wants to play from the second she wakes up until she can't hold her eyes open. Friends friends friends. Who is coming over? Can I go play at so-and-so's house today? Tomorrow? What are we doing tomorrow? Where are we going tomorrow?
You think I exaggerate?
Exhibit A.

Oh it's just a crazy baby?
Exhibit B.

She is a life-lover. Comes from a long line of 'em. You live in the moment and she didn't need to be told that. She just has it in her blood.

Uh I can't believe she is mine. Ours I mean.

She is stuck.
I can hope for the best year ever for her. She deserves it.


Joni said...

Love her! Happy birthday Miss Ella!

Pammy said...

Ella is YOU!!! She is a lover of life at this young age just lie her mommy was and IS!! I (WE) LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!
Kiss those cute cute cheeks for me!! Happy Birthday Ella!!!
Love grandma pammy

Anonymous said...

Can't believe some of those pictures!!! What a doll. Happy, happy birthday sweet Ella! Love from Jill and the Peterson's