Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 reasons....



Don't be scared, but I need your help. It will be simple. I promise.

I will give you 5 reasons...just in case someone asks...

Who is Trixiegirl and why should I follow her?

You just wait to see the look on their faces when you whip out these tips!


1. Trixiegirl. What is a Trixiegirl? I better follow her to find out!


2. Trixiegirl makes it easy to find your mother-in-law a gift. That she will like. Then she will like you. More. :)


3. Trixiegirl will make you laugh (don't promise this one).

4. Secret discounts coming up to followers...ways to follow below.


5. Trixiegirl is handmade accessories made with a smile, a sense of humor and a love to make accessories that people love to receive!


SO, what did you learn? Here are ways to follow Trixiegirl:

Etsy Make it a favorite shop by clicking the heart

Bloglovin' follow all of your fav blogs in one place!

Instagram Look at VERY artistic photos that are posted daily

Facebook. Share Trixiegirl status updates by clicking "share"

Pinterest just fun inspiration

Thanks for reading today! Use the code FOLLOWTRIXIEGIRL for 15% off your next purchase. Put the code in the comment section when checking out on etsy.



Pammy said...

WHO is Trixiegirl???? Ohnly my precious, very FUNNY, extremely caring, most lovable daughter!!! I love your sense of humor- your pics and stories of 'E' are out of this world.

You are so creative! where DO you come up with all of your ideas- from products- to room displays for open houses???

Where do you find those 4 extra hours each day? Trixiegirl is MY personal go to girl for the best ideas and the person that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face!!!!!!!

Shelley said...

Katie, you are so blessed.

Trixiegirl said...

@Mom- well thank you!
@shell- yes I am. :)

Pammy said...

Katie- I mean (meant) it! You are MY precious!!