Friday, September 28, 2012


Apparently I need a Bridesmaids viewing because this post has 3 screenshots from it. :)

Ella and Mr. Wyatt on Huskies Day at school. They look so tiny. But I love their arms around each other. <3

A new-to-me rug in the living room! Super-score!

Can someone stitch this up for me? I adore it.

My new fav blanket. Bring it on cold weather!

Interesting reads in the allergy office. Not what I read....;)

Whahhhh hahahaha!

My man is in flight back home! We missed him!

Maybe he will see this on the flight....

Have a great weekend!
Tell someone you love them and don't be embarrassed about it.
Life is a blessing.

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Pammy said...


Now that stitching is a possibility!! Where did you find that yummy blanket?

Love your new rug- SCORE!!

Joni said...

Bridesmaid viewing ASAP. I am in! Xoxo

Cassi Brightforest said...

What a cute picture of the kids with their arms around each other. The hoop art is gorgeous.