Sunday, November 4, 2012

A few Pinterest-ing things

Good morning to an extra hour...unless your kids get up and trying to explain it to them is useless. :) is it just me or do time changes make ya tired? I should probably take a nap today just for everyone's safety.

Here are some of my recent Pinterest favs:

Too dressy for a day at home?

New button band by moi!

I just found some of these @ Marshall's! Score!

Never gets old. Bridesmaids.

True, but I have one one the wall. ;)

This reminds me of something my grandma would like. It's so beautiful.

This is going on my desk. It's a good reminder.

Naughty Elf!

What is the etiquette on this?

I need a tin. Finish up your Altoids and save it for me please :)

Have a great Sunday!
What are your plans?
Mine include a trip to the fabric warehouse and new Tinkerbell movie.:)

1 comment:

Pammy said...

Grandma would have loved that picture is RIGHT!!!

Does the extra time mean your dad and I get to be together one more hour today!!!!!:))??!!

I want to go to the fabric warehouse too:(((

No comparisons is right!!!

Love you!!!!