Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A few favorite things

Time for a few of my favorite current things! I love to hear your favorites too, so please share yours with me. :)

It can be anything!
Here we go.

1. This commercial
I think it's hilarious. Every time.

2. This perfume
I found it at Marshall's for $5.99. Whoop whoop!

3. This yarn
It's so soft and fluffy. And it's the Hometown collection. They come in city names. Like Minneaoplis Navy or Grand Rapids green!

4. This oil
Once winter hits I feel like my face is tight. I used olive oil on my face when I was pregnant and it made my face feel very moisturizers. Don't uses a lot. You don't want to smell like a frying pan.

5. This watch
I love this collection that La Mer did (currently) for Target. I love the wrap watch and now you can get one at Target. And they are starting to mark them down! It would be a great gift for someone.
Now, it's your turn.....:)


Tawnya said...

I need that watch in black! Tell Richard Simmons!

Pammy said...

I love you!! ( minus THAT commercial)!!!!!