Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hope your weekend was great! We just got dumped on with snow. But everyone is out helping each other. And the kids are loving it. Two boys I know found out that I can hold my own in a snowball fight. :)

This pic is early in the day.

What are you looking forward to this week?


Hello to a fresh "deva curl" holiday hair cut! A good haircut does a body good.


Hello to getting my sweater ready for the neighborhood Ugly Sweater Party.

I've never been to one and want it to be Super-ugly. That means some of this:

Hello to a little volunteering at school. The littles make me smile. And laugh.


Hello last minute orders! Saturday is the last day of free shipping with code FREESHIPPING at Trixiegirl. I can help make someone's holiday even happier!!!

Stop by tomorrow for something pretty cool.:)

I am linking up with Lisa today! Have a great week!



sf said...

And they loved every second of it. There are only a few "ladies" willing to go head to head with them. Until next time...
Can't wait to see your ugliness on Sat.

Lauren Mills {mercyINK} said...

Visiting today from Lisa's blog. Love your pretty creations :) Nice to "meet" you!!

lauren {{mercy ink}}

simply blythe said...

happy monday.
your plans for the ugly sweater party look quite promising.

Trixiegirl said...

@sf Ladies is a loose term in that instance. ;)

@Lauren Thanks for visiting!

@SimplyBlythe I just bought the supplies for my pretty sweater. ;)

Rachael said...

saying hi from the giveaway on hollie rogue giveaway! love your items