Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just Listen

As I listen to my dad spend time with my daughter, I can't help but wish I had taken in every moment as a child. His patience with her is more than mine is on most days. Together they are like good buddies.

She asks questions about the tools in his workshop.

About how many fairy houses he has made.

Will that noise be loud?

He answers and teaches. He is happy to have someone to hang with and that it is her.


I thought the workshop was his hideaway when I was younger. A place to hide presents or to do weird things that I didn't understand. He was always in there tinkering away. Making something that I didn't care about...unless it was for me. I didn't appreciate his tinkering then.

Turns out he can make anything and everything.


{ Making the secret fairy house...shhhhh! }


I hear them singing a Christmas song together while they work. I immediately was to document it some how. Take a picture. Make a video.

But I don't. I just let the moment be.

I soak it in.

I appreciate it.


I listen to their funny conversations.

"Don't forget to tell people that these are fairy windows because they are round!"-dad

Hola!- Ella to grandpa. Hola!-Grandpa to Ella

I'm thirsty. Can I have orange juice? Can I have cranberry juice? Can you carry me? I'll close the door so you can have "privatcy".


I find myself being overwhelmed watching them.

I think we live so far away, they won't know each other. They see each other a few times a year.

But I don't need to worry.

The time they spend together is quality time. And filled with love and fun. A time of memories that they make and decide on.


It's their time.

And I am greatful.



Pammy said...

What a beautiful blog!!! Yes, Ella is blessed and so are WE!

Joni said...

So sweet! Hope you are loving every minute at home.