Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Open House Recap

They make me work!!! What a great Open House!
I have the best friends/customers eva! They tell me what they want me to make and let me create it. With trust and faith in me. I know it's "just accessories", but it's not to me.
It's part of your holidays. A memory of school pictures. A part of a major life event.
Here are a few pics from Sunday. I try to stop with the decorating, but don't know how. And I can never have The Open House somewhere else because I pull things from every room!
Maybe that's why I'm tired.:)

If you don't live here or couldn't make it, don't worry! I will be putting up more items this week. There is still time to get those gifts. And free shipping until December 15 with code FREESHIPPING.


1 comment:

Pammy said...

AMAZING!! You are so amazing!! What great pics of a lot of hard work and fun!!! Good job!!! So proud of you. :)