Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest Inspired NYE

I'm going to assume that some people hang out at home with some friends and have a great time for NYE. I'm not sure I've ever done anything different! And I love it. Friends are what I want to be seein' at 12:00!

If I make it til midnight. ;)


Maybe you won't be here to watch


But that makes me so claustrophobic it's crazy.


Here is some at-home inspiration for a fun NYE!


I will be bringing some fondue. Check out Andi's recipe here.

She ads an option to make it for adults...I might be adding that. ;)

Love this polish. Simple but a little extra.


Even if I take them off at the door, I will be wearing these. They are on super-sale right now here!



Hope I can re-do this hair. Did you miss my 10 pics of this hair? Follow me on Instagram {trixiegirlaccessories}


Now, don't forget your hostess. I heard Nate Burkus say not to bring wine. He said why would you take the time to pick something out, something special and then no one remembers drinking it. Lol.

Of course he said it more eloquently.

Here are some cute ideas. All from Anthropologie. Check their sale section too.

What are your NYE plans?

Be safe. And have fun!


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