Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Studio Tour

That makes me laugh because I have always called it the craft room.

I love seeing where other people create. I have had this post in the books for a while. But it keeps getting pushed back...and back...and back. For a couple reasons. First I had to clean it up. One of my bf's Dana told me to leave it as it was. Mess and all. So I did. ;) JK.

Enter: Trixiegirl World

I think this was an old mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint and spray painted.

Welcome! That's the best chalk board art you will see from me.

I need to paint. Lol. Any takers? Here's my desk. All chairs from Goodwill (GW). Rug is from Lowes. It's an outdoor rug.

Little bobbles that I use the most are on a tray that's next to the desk.

My spray painted lamp from GW / candle / thrisfted vase / Target owl / PB mannequin pin cushion. I put the pins in the back because otherwise it reminds me of some sort of voodoo doll. Lol

On the wall by my desk, I have these pics.
My hubs drew the one on the left in hs. My mom trys to steal it.  Right?
The Girl with the Watering Can was a pic that my grandma had in her house. I found this one at a garage sale.  It reminds me of her.
The flower pic is thrifted.

I also thrifted these little cuties.

I LOVE this one. It's handmade and I rescued it from GW. It's missing day #31. But that's ok. The patches come off. So you can make it June any time you want!

This is the table where I package the pretties! I use an old suitcase to hold all of the mailing supplies. A scrap garland is above it. The mirror is from a church sale. The spools of thread were my grandma's and have the pretties colored thread on them.  This table is usually a messy mess. 

Here is a sign I love that Sue Wolfe of Destination Art MN made for me. It hangs above the closet.

And the only thing in the closet that I will share is this fun filing cabinet. I keep headbands and supplies in the drawers.  I'd love to paint it a fun color, but I'm pretty much 100% sure this is it's forever home.

I got this bookshelf from my favorite 12 year-old neighbor Natalie's bedroom. It is perfect for the amount of fabric I have and use. It also holds scraps, ric rac, buttons and felt.

So, from now on you know where to find me. Here or at Goodwill.;)


Kassi Mortensen said...

Craft at your own risk!? That's too funny! Looks like fun place to create!
~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Trixiegirl said...

@Kassi It is fun when it's clean like this. ;) Thanks for visiting!