Monday, February 4, 2013

The little engine

I had a friend look at me and say "It's going to take time. It won't come right away."

Though it feels like I have been Trixiegirling forever.

She didn't know it but that was the perfect things to say at the perfect time.

See, I have been struggling with my purpose. My place.

I want one thing, but am not feeling the results that I want. I doubt myself, my projects, my place.

I compare myself to others. I know I shouldn't. But I do.

I am so inspired by others

It does no good to compare.

I know my purpose will show itself. Not sure when. But I know it will.

Xo Katie

1 comment:

Joni said...

You inspire me! You do such amazing work and are so creative! Jake even said "Katie makes such neat stuff" You are Awesome! Xoxo