Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You want me to make what?

I'm gong to write this post again. The computer ate it the first time I wrote it.

As I was saying, I like to create. It is something that I really like to do. And one thing that I don't compare myself with others about. I do love things that other people create. I can't believe how talented people are. But I do my own thing. Hoping to learn and come up with new ideas. I hope I inspire someone to try something as others do for me.

But there is something I am starting to laugh about. I get a lot of suggestions of things I should make. I can't remember a lot of them. They come up in conversation. Hey you should make that! You need to make that!

Here are a couple of ideas my friends/people I don't know have suggested. Please claim them if they are your ideas. They make me laugh.


1. Lamp shades. (I know who said this...)

2. Christmas headbands. Specifically with these hanging off of them.


3. Watches. (People are beginning to overestimate me here)

4. Dog collars

5. Mugs. I don't know pottery. Or own a potters wheelything.


Just a few of my favs. People make me laugh.


Check out Trixiegirl for items I really make! Maybe you don't really want a lampshade....



sf said...

Made me laugh too.

Trixiegirl said...

@sf I really should have kept a list. But that's too organized.

Pammy said...

Oh I am laughing so hard!! You are sooooo funny!!! I love your blog!!