Monday, March 25, 2013

Shop Update

Well look who's been a hum-ho blogger lately.  This girl. 

I'll blame it on spring break...a week ago.  I'll try better this week.   

I had a fun week last week with products.   I'll give you a little run-down here to catch you up.

Here are some little initial stamped earrings.  I was sitting and staring at my desk wondering one of those "woe is me" thoughts.  Then because my desk was a mess I realized I had pretty ideas right in front of me.


Please welcome these little cute bobby pins to this "lacey goodness" family!

A pretty cuff idea for a friend!


I had a friend ask about workout headbands.  I hope you like these!  I'll sport some this week and let you know what the people say.  They might be distracted by my pipes though....

What is your new favorite? 

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