Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jewelry storage

So this is the second time writing this. Thanks blogger. Grrrr

I thought I'd show ya'll how I store my jewelry. Some people have a lot of jewelry. Not me, but some people. 

Here's a pic of my dresser where I keep all of my bits n' bobbles. (I watch a lot of English Youtubers and they say fun little things like that)

Let's start.  Here it is. All cleaned up for you.


So for my necklaces I have found that cute hooks work best for me. They sell them everywhere from Anthro to thrift stores.  Anthro usually has a good basket full in their clearance area.  So don't be scared away thinking they will be expensive.

L to R: Anthro, Home Goods, ?

Next. I like to separate my gold and silver earring studs.  I found these little silver dishes and knew they would be perfect.  I don't have a ton of patience for earring-digging for a half hour to find a pair.



My rings stay in a ring dish. Isn't that a catchy name? There is now an over-flow dish for knuckle rings.

This little silver bowl holds pendents for necklaces. If it starts to overflow, it's time to go thru it and get rid of things.

I use a cake plate for dangly earrings. Silver tones on top and gold tones on bottom.  It's caketastic.

This little glass bowl hold watches. It's from the dollar store. Yup. It has a cute lid too.   
The cake stand to the left has all of my Trixiegirl earrings and other stud earrings.

So, I hope this maybe gave you an idea or two for your own jewelry.  Even if it's a little dish by your bed or by the sink, it makes things a little more special.  The cake stand is from Goodwill.  They always have them.  They're good for your kitchen and your jewelry!

You won't wear your pretty things if they are put away! So go make something pretty!
Have a good one!

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What great ideas!!!