Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anyone want a summer home in Aurora?

Had I know what today would have entailed, I might have not gotten out of bed!
Eleni and Ryan came over to play. The last time Eleni came over, a realtor wanted to see our house about 15 minutes after she had gotten here, so we had to go to the mall to play.
Well, today we went outside to play. Ella was running (fast walking) away from me and fell down. When I went over to her, she wouldn't stand on her left foot. After a bit, Eleni and I realized that she hurt it. Eleni and Ryan had to leave. Once again, I didn't make lunch for her! She always makes me the best lunch! Sorry Eleni!
So I ended up taking Ell to the Dr. The only thing that the Dr. could do to get Ella to walk, was to hold a sucker in front of her. Not nice, but it worked. The Dr. thinks she just twisted it. So when we got home, she got some Ibuprofen, and took at 2 hour nap. When she got up, she was bothered by it a little and is fine now. I had envisioned a pink cast that we would all get to sign, but that was a no-go.
At about 3:00, ReMax called and they wanted a showing at 3:45. I just looked at the living room of toy disaster and said, "How about 4?". So they had from 4-5 to show up. Mark came home and we cleaned up our house which is in total disarray. What time do they show up? 4:55. We are all exhausted and hoping this one couple wants our house! If not, you can all pitch in and it can be a time-share!

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Corie Rectenwald said...

You could just start collecting homes in other states like we did. It's not that bad : )