Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Early.

So, I woke up too early today. I thought that it looked bright outside my kitchen window and it was because there were helicopters flying over my house! I instantly thought they were looking for someone. Turns out that 1 block away, there was a terrible helicopter crash. A one-year-old and 3 others were killed. It was a medical helicopter and they were transporting the child to Children's Memorial in Chicago. I'm going to give Ella some extra hugs (not sure how that's possible) today. My prayers go out to those families. It breaks my heart.

Yesterday was another hard day. Ella and I went to see Carter and Heather for the last time before we leave. Heather made me an awesome scrapbook with pictures of the girls and some cool new address labels. Carter is only a day older than Ella. It's so funny to see how they are growing and to see how they've changed already. They both went thru a super, chubby cheek phase. Love those chubby cheeks.
Then, last night, I went to dinner with Sam. She's a hoot. We went to Walter Payton's (former Bears player) Roundhouse for dinner. Sam is a die-hard Bears fan. She wanted to get Ella a Bears onsie. I told her that I didn't think that would go over well, and that maybe it might be a waste of her money. (If you live under a rock, Mark and his family are severe Packers fans).

More goodbye's today. This is harder than I expected.


Corie Rectenwald said...

Don't say goodbye to me. I'll see you at Christmas.

Katie said...

Why would I say good bye to you? You left me!!!! ;)

Steve said...

Just have a 12 pk of beer and everything will be just fine. See ya in 10 yrs.