Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Early. Part Two.

Today, I got to see Katie and baby Tristan. Kate got Ella a stool with her name on it for the new house! The funny thing is that I almost bought the stool a couple weeks ago when I was shopping with Corie, but I put it back! It's so cute. Ella has been climbing all over it.
When Kate was leaving, she went to put her stuff in the car and I held Tristan for her. When she got back, after about 30 seconds, and I was exhausted. Tristan did not stop wiggling around and bouncing his legs around the whole time! lol
I'd like to remind Kate that she was the first person to move away from me in Jr. High. So, she should be ok that I'm moving. It's like we move, but always end up near each other. And she was named after me. Long story, but true.
Kate and Tristan. He does have pants.
Kate and Tristan, same caption, lol

This afternoon, I went with Carrie and Will to a pumpkin farm. I think we spent all of 6 minutes there. It was the creepiest place I've been in a while. So we left, got some carmel apples from the grocery store (because we didn't want to spent $4 for one at the creepy place) and went to the park. It was a beautiful day outside and the kids had a great time. I postponed a goodbye with Carrie and we are going to see each other this weekend.
This was after the kiss.

Ella and me
Just hanging out
Will and Carrie

I love this picture. Look at Will showing her what to do.

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Kate said...

How's the new house?

I didn't have a choice to move away from you...but your right..we do always, somehow end up by each other.