Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins and Rhythmic gymnastics.

Today was a busy day for the Krause's. That's us. Thea took Ella in the morning for a few hours to her mom's work's Halloween party. Ella was a ladybug and Johana was a princess. I'll have to put pics from the day up later. And by later, I don't mean any time soon. They both got a pumpkin and candy (for mommy) and they got lunch. Thea's mom said that Ella said hi to everyone! Yes, yes she does. So, Ella came home and took a nap. A short one. I went to the store to get some random groceries for the week and when I got home, she was up. She knew it was a party day.
Then we drove up to Mark's parent's house for dinner. Ell loves to play with her cousins. I like it because they wear her out. And I get to just sit and watch!
After dinner (which was yummy Mom K!), Ella performed for us. She got a hold of the wand with the ribbons on it and put on a show (video to come maybe tonight). She had on her black onsie from the morning and white socks and looked like a little gymnast. I think it's her calling. You'll see.
Miracle: Ella fell asleep on the way home. Ahhhh.
Well, that's that for now. We've decided to try to try to go up to MN on Tuesday night now instead of Wed morning really early. After having Ella fall asleep in the car, we realized the peacefulness that it was and we'll be making some calls today. :)

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