Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting settled.

We got the internet back today! Yeah!!! I really felt out of touch with things. But it did help because I got things done around here. Back up to last Monday.
The packers came on Monday. It was so weird to have people in your house packing everything. Unpacking it was even weirder. Mom and Dad came on Monday also driving a Budget rental truck. Inside it was the following: a piano, 2 beds, a dresser and everything that I've ever owned in my life that my mom got to get rid of! Just having them was a huge help and a little bit of a security blanket. Tuesday the loaders came and loaded all of our stuff on the truck. We had such nice people to work with. We ended up driving up on Tuesday night because we thought Ell would sleep, which she did! But it was about 12:30 before we got to sleep because she was so confused as to where she was. Then she woke up at 5am and was crying. So I caved and just told Mark to bring her to bed with us. She was like a 24 lb pack of flour sleeping across me. I've never done that before and never will again! lol. Wednesday, we bought our new washer and dryer (fun times!), had our walk-thru and closed on our house! When we got done, Mom and Dad were at our house! They drove up on Wed and were going to be spending some time up with us. More to come on this.
The following is an UNDERSTATEMENT: Pam and Terry Roach were the biggest help on the planet.
I came up with a way to make saying "thank you", seem better than just "thank you". I did it because I was saying it the whole time they were here. You can say "thank you", like "thank you" for holding the door open. But if you say, "Dad and Mom, thank you for arranging the rental truck, getting it loaded, dealing with fruitcake piano movers, driving down separate from mom getting our house ready to move out of, driving to MN, helping with everything from hanging curtain rods and blinds, putting in a garbage disposal, helping take care of Ella and a million more things that I can't even remember." So, the longer you make it, the better the thank you.
Saturday was Dad's birthday. In the afternoon, I thought it'd be fun to carve pumpkins. It was really fun! After pumpkins and house stuff, we went to Maple Grove for some shopping and a great dinner at a place called Granite City. It was so good. Ella enjoyed herself also and entertained us during dinner. When we got home, we had cake and ice cream.
Mom and Dad left early on Sunday morning. They're still on their way home. ;)
Mark went to work on Monday and Ell and I started figuring things out. I went to the Y to work out, and Ell played in the kids area there. She loved it. Then I took her to "Tot Time" at the Community Center. It's every Monday and Tuesday for 2 hours in a gymnasium filled with cars, toys, balls and tunnels. We didn't stay the whole time, but she liked it there. We did the same on Tuesday, with some errands thrown in. Wednesday we got kicked out of the Y. Yes, you read it right. Ella got me kicked out of the Y. Ok, not totally. I got paged when I was working out. I thought Ell had a dirty diaper that I might need to change because they don't do that. Well, I got there and Ell was whimpering. They said they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. They couldn't get her to stop. So we went home. It might just be such a big life event for her that something set her off. Or teeth. Or something I'll never figure out. lol.
Yesterday, Kenny, Thea and Johana drove to visit for a few days! It's so nice to see them. And a few familiar faces. Yesterday was a tough day, so when they got here, it was a nice change.
Today, I took them to REI, Ikea and the Mall of America. I'm tuckered. Here are some pics!

K, so I know I need more pics. I'll work on it!


Corie Rectenwald said...

Are those pumpkin seeds on little baby feet??? I want to eat them up!

tricia kragt said...

ella is getting tall! holy moly... how fun! can't wait for more pics soon right? loveya, tricia