Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here's a good one for ya. So, last week I met a girl at the Y (because that is my life right now because it's AWESOME!), and we took a spin class together. She said that I should take a class called Bodypump on Saturday morning with her. So, I get to the Y 15 minutes before the class started today. I'm thinkin' I'll get a nice spot in the back because I have no idea what I'm in for. Man was I ever right. I get there and there is one spot left. FRONT ROW, DEAD CENTER. Shoot. So, one of the instructors asks me if I'm new to the class and I told him yes. He helped me get what I needed and get set to go. So, five minutes into class, which is mainly different types of weigh lifting, my body is shaking. My legs are visibly shaking. lol. And every body part followed.
It was the longest hour of my life, but I never looked at the clock! The instructor told me not to take any classes for 2 days. I am very worried about what I will feel like tomorrow. But, I'm going back this week for more!

We've just been getting more settled. Hanging pictures, blinds, unpacking some last boxes.
Today we had the great idea to go to the Outlet Mall. In IL, we were like 10 minutes from the outlet mall. Here, it's like 40 minutes. Now, in warm weather, it wouldn't be a big deal. Today, it was colder once we got there. So, kid you knot, we went to 4 stores and left. lol. And Miss Ella fell asleep in the car! Unheard of. Then she slept for 3 hours when we got home. We got a lot done while she was sleeping.

We're getting ready for some more guests. Mark's parents are coming Monday!
I promise to get some pictures up here soon. ;)

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