Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week in review.

We had a busy, fun week at our house this week.
Monday night, Mark's parents came to visit us. Ella was so happy to see them. She calls Mark's dad Bumpa/Papa. It's cute. Mark ended up taking 2 days off of work. It was so nice to have him around and to be able to see his parents.
Tuesday, I thought I might have bronchitis. So, I went to the dr. and found out that I had "Sinusitis." I found out that means sinus infection, after I asked. I was at the dr. and Mark and his parents and Ella went to a train store. Mark's dad loves trains, so he looked at them and Ella played with a cat's tail. There was a cat walking around the store and Mark let Ella play with it's tail. I'm sure that cat is still scarred.
Tuesday afternoon, we made the short trek to the Mall of America. I'd like to go there alone some time to be able to see the stores! We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Ell loved it because there are huge fish tanks everywhere. Santa was taking a break from whiney kids sitting on his lap. I don't think Ella knew who it was, but we all did. The part Ella was unsure of was some fake gorillas pounding their chests. She kept whimpering and looking from the gorillas to us to see our reactions. Funny. Here are the two pics we got.
Ella was done for the night.

That night we played some Wii. It's a private matter, but my Wii fitness age was a sad subject that night. Sad for me, funny for others.
Wednesday, I went to the gym first thing. Gotta take advantage of free time! Then, Mark's mom and I went shopping. Mark and his dad installed cable in the kitchen. Mark's going to hook up a TV sometime in the kitchen, so they ran the wiring. Thanks!!
That night we went and had dinner at Acapulco, a Mexican restaurant. Then we played more Wii. My Wii fitness age has improved to age 35. I can accept that. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, it's probably better for you to not understand.
Our nice guests left this morning. We had fun while you were here! Come again soon!
Ella and I went to the pool. She played with a little boy named Parker. Parker's dad kept saying, "Parker, she's married!" (about me) because he kept telling me to stay by him and play. It was so cute. If he stays as cute as he is now at 3, his parents are in trouble!
I got my hair cut and colored tonight. My friends will all laugh because I cut it short again. It's a sick cycle I go thru. It's short and stacked in the back, and longer towards my chin. It was nice to go get that done. I'll post a pic tomorrow if Megan reminds me like she's supposed to.
Hope you aren't bored reading this. Time to go play tetris!

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Corie Rectenwald said...

My WII fitness age was 65. Yikes.