Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Definition of MY mother

Definition of MY mother....I don't like the dictionary definitions. I think I might apply for a job at dictionaries 'r us. Because now this post isn't as cool as it looked in my head. Thank you dictionary.com for your 1942 definition of mother.


Pam. You know her? You should. She flippin' rocks. (Btw she is not loving that I used the word flippin' I am sure). But as I get older, she laughs more at me than she used to. Maybe she knows that I'm funny like dad and there is no hope for changing either of us.

Ever seen a prettier mom? I was like a little bird apparently. Kind of like Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby like a little birdy...google it. It's not about her right now. Back to Pam.

She defined herself before IT happened.
When IT happened to my dad.
Then IT happened to her.
I don't like that it defined her, but it did. I like to think that it added to her definition. It added to all of ours. But where it has taken her, we are all lucky. Especially those who are affected by IT. Survivor.

A tad strict growing up, but I'm over it. No problem mom. Remember the jelly bracelets...I'll buy you more.

Life-lover just like her little puddin'.

We master the long-distance relationship. Now we have Facetime. No gettin' rid of me now!

We love all the same things. Shoes, magazines, make-up, coffee, The Pink Panther hamburger scene...., wine, the beach, helping people, antiquing, candy corn, being embarrassed at restaurants by my dad....the list is loooong.

I love you mom! You are my rock. Thank you for being you.


Pammy said...

Kathleen- oops- I mean KATIE- I am sitting here in Grand Rapids with tears coming down my cheeks-(and you know that doesn't happen EVER)! I am so moved and humbled by your writing. How can I be so lucky to have you as my daughter - my lovie- my friend and my humorist. That is not a question but a statement.

Now - was I strict? lol- yes- I admit it but you will soon see that it is so worth it!!

You are just the best mommy- Ella is so blessed- just like I am so blessed to have you!

'IT' has paid a couple visits to me, dad and your grandparents. I am doing all that I can do to try and make sure that you and your sweet family never experience 'IT'. I will continue to educate, spread awareness and make and deliver prayer shawls until the day I die. It is just a way of paying it forward for the precious gift of life that I have been given- again and again.

I love you with all of my being. You have made my life so interesting :) and never dull- always a new experience- even today!!

love, YOUR mom

Pammy said...
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Janel said...

I just cried...reading your beautiful Blog. You are both very very blessed to have this beautiful relationship with one another and you're passing it down to little Ella....She's one lucky little gal! You are both amazingly gorgeous individuals inside and out with so much talent and love...No wonder you have the relationship you do! Happy Mothers day to you both! :)

Pammy said...

Janel, you are such a good friend to Katie. I just couldn't be luckier.

Blessings are heaven sent!