Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Pinteresting things for Vegas!

You read that right.  This girl is FINALLY going to Vegas.  These pics are not original in any way, but they are getting me pumped! 

I better get to see this.  Is that obvious?  Is there a line to get a pic in front of this?  Is it even there still?
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Is it weird that I think this looks cooler than the new stuff?  We'll see if I get away from the pool.

Guess I won't wear flip-flops here. :) Night #1-The Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Nights 2 and 3. The Aria. Is Pauly D in town? Nevermind. That's the Palms.

Here is where you can find me. Who am I kidding? I can sit still for like 3 minutes.

And for your viewing pleasure, Ella's newest obsession.

Pop quiz time! Tell me your favorite things to do in Vegas! Go! And good money saving tips get extra credit. Be good students...

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