Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Monday!

Finally!  A Hello Monday instead of Hello Tuesday!  
Things are lookin' up!  
I'm linking up with Lisa for this bad boy!

Hello Vegas!  whoohooooo.  
Read this post to see a couple of things I'm ready to see. 
So grateful for friends who will take my little boo
under their wings while we are gone.

Hello sun (and sun hats and sunscreen mom).  ;)

Hello shopping!  I read there is a "little" shopping to do there.  :)

Hello birthday week!  Half-way to 70!  Bam!

Hello to being with friends in Vegas!  Soooo excited! 
It's good to know people that have been there before. 
 Oh wait, that's everyone!

Hello to amazing customers who will see a special sale for my birthday coming soon....

What are you excited about this week?  Make it happen.  Otherwise it's the same ole Monday.  xoxo


Pammy said...

Yes your mom is thrilled about the sunscreen- and you telling everyone to re-apply!!!

Have oodles of fun and no not everyone has been there- lol. Expect pics birthday girl!!! Love you so much!

Trixiegirl said...

You can come too mom!