Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Monday!

Good morning! It might be a "whole lotta coffee" week. I guess it's better to know that now.
Fill the tank up first right?

Hello summer fun list! Ell and I made this list. I think I need to do it for me and the hubs! I know my friends and I always say "we should do this or that". Here is a fun and cute way to do it! I just put fabric behind some glass from a picture I had on the wall. Then you can write on it with dry erase marker.
Now granted it was a family picture that got replaced, lol, it's ok.

Hello Post-birthday week! Ok. I'm done. But doesn't everyone like to milk it? I got to go to Vegas for the fist time. I'll do a post this week about our trip.

Hello summer here means going to Bunker Beach. Happiness is my girl in the water

Hello to new ideas for Trixiegirl. Time to fill the shop back up!

Hello to a refreshed feeling. Look at at us. Don't we look refreshed? Mom is always right...most of the time. Take time for each other.

What refreshes you?
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Pammy said...

Mama loves the refreshed look on your sweet faces!!! Time for each other is so precious!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the summer list!!! That is the cutest idea!!! Maybe I will make one for dad!

What a great way to start my Monday! love you

sarah said...

This is my first visit to your blog - love it! Your quilted background is so pretty. Your summer fun list is something I absolutely have to do! Yours looks awesome. Happy belated birthday hehe! Did you go to Vegas for your bday? That had to be awesome. Have a great week!

Trixiegirl said...

"Pammy"-do it for dad, it will keep him on track...:)

Sarah-Thanks for stopping by Trixiegirl! Hope to see you in the future!

The Arizona Russums said...

My friends and I have been making summer lists for years... except we call them "summer goals." I love to see everyone else doing it too!!!

Gotta go get my coffee going as well! :)

Leah said...

YES!!~ I told Troy that we need those little trips every year so we can fall back in love with each other. He said, "When are you falling 'out'? He was confused. lol Love your blog and can't wait to see your new pretties!!

Leah said...

P.s. I don't see 'antiquing with Leah' on that list anywhere?? I'm going to re-look.

Pammy said...

I love that you will be antiquing!!!! :) My favorite thing to do - well among a few hundred other favorite things!

Dad will do it!! I can see a trip up to Suttons Bay on my Summer List!! :)