Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
How did you do it?  Did you take a class?  Does it just come naturally?  Do you wing it? 
A combination of skill and luck?  Possibly mixed with a drink here and there?

Whatever you did, I am so greatful for it.

You are loved by everyone because you are who you are. 

The hardest worker I know.  Who once told me I work really hard for things I want.  :) 
        Unless it's mowing the lawn. I still get nervous when you say, "Hey Kate, come here a second!"

The funniest person I know, and yes I tell people that.  Even though mom tries to pay me to not. 
You have passed this "skill" on to Ella.  "Grandpa is naughty" she says.

Who wants me think with my head.  But lets me do it my heart.

Who always lets me be who I am.  And is proud of me. 
Even if I change my mind about things 10 times a day.  Gemini brain, sorry.

You have such a generous heart.  You give your time and unlimited talents to anyone that needs it. 
You just help people.  It's what you do.

Survivor.  Yes you are.  But it doesn't define you.  It just adds to your character.

I love you dad. 
You are the best dad even though I am here and you are there. 
Thank you for all of your support in my life and with my family. 
 I want you to continue to bless people the way you always have
because people deserve to have you in their life. 


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Pammy said...

Oh dear I read this aloud to dad WHILE he was driving!!!!! Katie- how very sweet!!!

Ps- yes he is funny but I don't let him know that!! Lol

YOU and Ella are carbon copies of him!!!!!