Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday!

Good morning friends.
Let's get this party started right?

Hello to gymnastics camp ALL week! Whoot whoot! Aka coffee. And restocking for mommy!
Hello to this sound: Tick tock. That's me waiting for my boo Elizabeth and Matt (not my boo but her boo) to have their beautiful baby!!!!
I love them.
Photo courtesy of Erin Demuynck on facebook or here

Hello to finally seeing Brave. It comes out Friday and we are there! Brave Doll and Brave Subway bag and all.
Hello to restocking my items at the Round Barn!
Hello to fighting off homesickness and gearing up for a trip home next month!
Tell me about your week! Make it special. Xo
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Pammy said...

We can't wait for E and Matt to have their princess!!

This is a week of working on my machine and coming up with some fun pillowcases!!! Love finding fun fabric that is soft enough for a pillowcase!:))

Coffee too!!! ( after the HUGE storm)!

christiejayne said...

Stopping by from Hello Monday! You can never have too much coffee... and how exciting, a vacation!!
Happy Monday!

Carolyn said...

We're so excited for Brave too! Sounds like a busy week with gymnastics and all. Have a good one!