Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inspired by loss

See this beautiful woman?

She was my grandma.

I lost her last July.

She was the bomb.

Married 67 years.

She loved her family, life-long friends, art and Law and Order. Lol

I remember the little mints in her candy dish.

The trips to visit her in FL.

When she stood in line for 3 hours so I could meet "that boy you like from tv". She said " I've never seen someone tremble so bad!". It was Joey Lawrence. Whohhh

I love that she had the car temp at about 34 degrees.

She had THE most comfy bed ever at her house.

Little fruit slice candy at Marshall Fields. We liked candy.

And while we are at it, she made her chocolate chip cookies with yellow cake mix. :)

She picked out the best neckties.

She made Christmas morning complete.

She had real lawn jarts. Like the sharp ones.

I loved her Estée Lauder free gifts she gave me.

I got 2 straws in my oj.

I made this cuff with her as my inspiration. Some of the buttons were hers.

I was her angel. Angel Katie.

Life isn't the same.

She put art in my blood. And life in my soul.

I was her angel. And she was mine.



Anonymous said...

Katie, that is so sweet! What wonderful memories you have of an obviously incredible soul. Just like you!!! Big hugs to you friend.

Pammy said...

You ARE her angel and a double of her. This is so sweet.

Carolyn said...

Wow, what a post. She sounds like a wonderful grandma. I wish she were my grandma! Hugs to you as you miss her.