Friday, June 22, 2012

Instagram Friday

Holla! It's Instagram Friday!

Can I start with an old picture? This is Carol one of my awesome neighbors friends.

Ella wants to dress Carol up and this happens.

And continue.

After this, I got these. What a man! Of course I had to make E a mini bouquet.

Ok, when you have adorable grandparents, I WILL attack and hug them in Costco.

Then possibly take a pic of them crossing the street like little ducks in front of my car.

Then text it to you.

How cute right? Ty goodwill!

A walk with a great friend

Bunker beach babes!

These two. We just hope they are friends for a long time. ;)

Cate and Ella. Cate was being the baby. Ella was

I think that is just fine.

And yes, that is a Hawaii visor that Ella made at camp.

Have you seen THIS???

She will have more friends this weekend at Trixiegirl!


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Life with Kaishon said...

I love your flowers. I LOVE, love, love your teacup! How pretty is that? So sweet. I also love that you hug grandparents at Costco! Why not? : )

Leah said...

Love the Friday photos~ but, looks like you went to our secret place without me. Boo. ;)