Friday, June 15, 2012


It's my first Instafriday. I've been stalking reading them weekly and now it's time to man up.

Woman up. Anywho. Hope I do this right.

Let's start with the best estate sale ever. I might go back today.

I'm really trying to take in moments. Like this one. Let the kid eat her popcicle, get sticky and just be. Put your feet up and relax.

She obviously has it under control.

My boo likes the sand.
A picnic outside.
I didn't get a picture of me getting dumped for a little neighbor girl that E wanted to play with.

My new birthday TOMS. Meowwwww.

Some birthday flowers from a beautiful friend.
A new addition to Trixiegirl are the itty bitty bobby pins. Every color under the sun!
Perfect for a gift and grab a couple for yourself!

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Jessica said...

I'm a newbie like you! This is only my second week linking up with instafriday. It kind of changes how you view things in your week, doesn't it?! Fun pics. I'll be back :)

Trixiegirl said...

Hi Jessica! I saw your post too! Cute! I "think" we might be in the same neck-of-the-woods. :)

Carolyn said...

I love estate sales. Hope you make a lot of good finds!

Pammy said...

E sleeping on the beach?? She must be tired!!!!

Love the 'estate' sale goodies !! Love mom

jessica dukes said...

wow, those bobby pins are really cute! i followed you back :-) thanks for following my blog!

Sara said...

My first InstaFriday as well! Love the little bobbies :)

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

InstaFriday is so much fun. I'm sure you'll love it now that you've started. Great pics. Totally laughed that you got dumped by your kid for the neighborhood kid. Go figure ha? ;) Hope you're having a great weekend!! xoxo