Friday, June 29, 2012


TGIF everyone! Today I am linking up with Jeannett!

I wasn't awesome with my picture taking this week, but I thought about it a lot. ;)

What did you do this week that was fun?

We had some nice weather this week. Time to bust out the homemade slip 'n slide.

See? Perfect sky. Aren't I artistic?

Um, these will be strawberries. A lot of them. Right?

Guess who's a big girl now with her own P.O. box for Trixiegirl......

Doesn't a zebra towel make everything better?

This is what gets packed for a fishing trip. Lol

Have you ever seen an official bowler pose? Yes you have.

Charlie and Ella. Charles Dean as she calls him. Must have heard his mom use the full name. I love hearing a full name being used. Always a good sign.

Ella and Luke. Lukey. Most boys get the "ey" added to their names by Ell.

Sisters. Via friendship. Ella bought Lydia a Sisters Forever necklace. Now they call each other sis. Lol

Have a great weekend!


Pammy said...

Ah- Friday!! Went to the start of the annual Band Concert in the center of Pentwater last night- the PERFECT night for sitting and listening to great music and eating chocolate chip cookies!!

Had the most wonderful 'chat' ( ok- a chat of 90 minutes) with a very dear friend. No problems- just a fun girl to girl chat!! - yes over VG coffee even if it was 88 degrees. :)

Today we visit the Relay For Life in Shelby Michigan and then dinner on the beach- now how much better can it be?

Carolyn said...

For not taking many pics, you sure got some good ones! You have a beautiful girl.
P.O. Box? You are big time baby! :) No P.O. Box yet here.

Rose said...

i love your sky picture! :o)

Stopping by from instafriday!