Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's your go-to?

Ok, you know you have that go-to recipe that is always a good idea. That family recipe that is a winner every time. If it's not a family recipe, make it one!

Thought I'd share one of mine. I LOVE this story.

When my grandma passed away last year, I was helping go thru some cupboards of books, papers, etc. I came across an article that was published in the newspaper. I put it in a frame in my kitchen.

Here is a picture:

My grandma's pilaf recipe! Now we have been eating this our whole lives. To find this in the cupboard was awesome. The newspaper had interviewed my grandma and put the interview in the paper.

The funny part? There are "additional ingredients" that we never put in it! Silly newspaper. You can't mess with grandma's recipe!

Here is the actual recipe. Now. I have converted the weight watcher points for you. Now you don't have to. Oh, you don't ask.

Might as well double the batch and give some to a friend. They will love it!



Pammy said...

I love the way you write!!!

Oh yummy- with pine nuts!!! Just made a double recipe on Sunday and gave 1/2 to Grandpa!!!

My other go to recipe - okay not healthy but yummy giant chocolate chip cookies!!!! I love giving them as gifts ( or using them instead of graham crackers for s'mores!!!

Carolyn said...

How great that you included the WW points. :) And I love that you framed the article. Your grandma sure sounds special and definitely made a great impact on your lift--how wonderful!
I would say my go-to recipe is my meat sauce and spaghetti. We add shredded cheese to the sauce sometimes so it is double yum. :)
Have a great week! We're doing ok here. Thanks for the note. We desperately need it to cool down. We're about 2 hours from Colorado Springs fire and 25 minutes from the Fort Collins one. :(