Friday, July 13, 2012


TGIF!!!! I am leaving the house today!!!! I have been home with a sicky this week. But we are heading out for some mandatory errands. So here are some pics of this week!


Barbie wanted a strep test.


Love sudoku but it takes me forever

Popcicles cure all

Except blue tongues


I have post coming this week about this picture


Like my earrings? I know where you can find them...


And her sister


Most of the week was spent doing this. Nothing.


My new shirt from The Round Barn Potting Co.


Have an awesome weekend! What are you going to do?

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Pammy said...

Poor little lovey :((

The arts and craft show in Pentwater this weekend- cant wait! Oh did I mention coffee? Lol then a little sewing.

Make the most of every day- you don't get it back those 'lost' hours.

Love your new 'bracelet' Katie!!!

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Hope your sweet little one is feeling better now. And, hope that next week is a better week.